We have lift off!!

Would you look at that! I have a website on the internet! As you have already read, it is using golang as the webserver to dish out that sweet, sweet html. I wish I could say I made some fancy framework that was very similar to react where you can write the html with golang, but I'm sadly not that fancy. All I am doing is having golang read some html files from the disk and then vend those out upon request. I am doing a little hint of fancy on the home page however as I can dynamically add how many blog posts to show. But since I only have a single post there is not really anything to be excited about. But in the next few weeks I will be making improvements to the code. Like making the site mobile friendly, making the code more maintainable, and look for more features to add. It should be a fun time!

Yes, I know this page currently looks like butt with the footer being in the middle of the page, but it is currently 2am and I just want to go to bed. Maybe this will be fixed in the future. Maybe it will stay like this forever. Who knows?