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BoundriesCreator Class Reference

Creates all game objects needed to start the game. More...

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Public Types

enum  GameMode { GameMode.UNINITIALIZED, GameMode.SINGLE_PLAYER, GameMode.COOP }

Public Member Functions

void Awake ()
 Initializes all arrays to hold gameobjects and registers the event listeners. More...
CoopTimer GetTimer ()
GameMode GetGameMode ()

Public Attributes

CoopTimer timerPrefab
CoopPlayerPowerUpDecider powerUpDecider
CoopPowerUpIcon [] playerIcons
GameObject schmittyDoopParent
float chargeCollectorPercentPosition
float chargeCollectorPercentEdgeOffset
float ballCollectorPercentPosition
float ballCollectorPercentEdgeOffset
float spawnDelay
Wall wallPrefab
GameObject [] players
GameObject [] chargeCollectors
GameObject [] ballCollectors

Detailed Description

Creates all game objects needed to start the game.

Creates all objects needed to start the game. The game gets started by sending the MENU_START_GAME EventType. All objects needed to start the game should be assigned in the public fields. The game also sizes the playing field based on the aspect ratio of the camera, so all positions are based on a percentage of screen size.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ GameMode


Member Function Documentation

◆ Awake()

void BoundriesCreator.Awake ( )

Initializes all arrays to hold gameobjects and registers the event listeners.

◆ GetGameMode()

GameMode BoundriesCreator.GetGameMode ( )

◆ GetTimer()

CoopTimer BoundriesCreator.GetTimer ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ ballCollectorPercentEdgeOffset

float BoundriesCreator.ballCollectorPercentEdgeOffset

Percentage size of the off screen ball catchers

◆ ballCollectorPercentPosition

float BoundriesCreator.ballCollectorPercentPosition

Percentage off the screen for the position of the ball catchers to return balls to the object pooler

◆ ballCollectors

GameObject [] BoundriesCreator.ballCollectors

Collectors to put balls back in object pool. Array is assumed to be sze 2, because co-op.

◆ chargeCollectorPercentEdgeOffset

float BoundriesCreator.chargeCollectorPercentEdgeOffset

Percentage of the sceen that determines the size of the bad ball collector.

◆ chargeCollectorPercentPosition

float BoundriesCreator.chargeCollectorPercentPosition

Percentage of the screen where the center of the bad ball collector is positioned.

◆ chargeCollectors

GameObject [] BoundriesCreator.chargeCollectors

Triggers to charge players when they dodge. Array is assumed to be size 2, because co-op.

◆ playerIcons

CoopPowerUpIcon [] BoundriesCreator.playerIcons

UI icons that are used to show the player what power up they have.

◆ players

GameObject [] BoundriesCreator.players

Players prefab objects. Array is assumed to be size 2, because of co-op.

◆ powerUpDecider

CoopPlayerPowerUpDecider BoundriesCreator.powerUpDecider

PowerUpDecider used to assign to the players.

◆ schmittyDoopParent

GameObject BoundriesCreator.schmittyDoopParent

Prefab for SchmittyDoop.

◆ spawnDelay

float BoundriesCreator.spawnDelay

Create a small delay between spawning players. For example, when player 0 dies, wait a little before the second player spawns.

◆ timerPrefab

CoopTimer BoundriesCreator.timerPrefab

Timer prefab for recording the game length.

◆ wallPrefab

Wall BoundriesCreator.wallPrefab

Wall prefab object.

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