Here is a list of all modules:
 TraditionalPongAll code used to automatically play the game of traditional pong in the background of the main menu
 EditorScriptsEditor scripts allow for users to customize the inspector for objects. Editor scripts were used to create attack patterns for SchmittyDoop
 AudioAll code related to anything audio. These are classes that can handle playing music, playing sound effects, looping clips, etc
 UtilitiesAll code related to helping other classes do things
 EffectsAll code used to make things look prettier, but has no effect on gameplay. Like camera shake and transitions
 EventSystemAn event system is used for several unrelated components to send data to eachother
 GameplayThe gameplay group is used for anything that makes the game. For example, any balls/bullets that get fired, player movement controllers, etc
 SchmittyDoopAll code related Schmitty Doop. Schmitty Doop movement, attacking, health, etc
 InputSystemAny and all code related to handling user input and transferring that information to other parts of the code
 TutorialAll code related to the game's tutorial
 UserInterfaceAll code related to UI and menus